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Rethinking our K-12 Schools (using Web2.0 tools)

Full-day wksp with Hood River School District staff (curriculum day) and West Sylvan Middle School (1st day of school).

Concepts also used for 1/2 day wksp with George Fox MAT students.
Kathy Sansone (instructor for the George Fox MAT program),

Janice Patton (Curriculum/Instruction, Hood River School District, and Allison Couch (Principal, West Sylvan Middle School)

  1. Welcome (do cell phones belong in a classroom?).

  2. 1-Page Handout for Goals and Hands-on Activities

  3. Reasons to rethink our K-12 schools
    • Hood River & Sylvan Presentation  |  GFU MAT Presentation
      • Shift Happens, engaging with todays kids
      • Relationships -> Relevance -> Rigor -> RESULTS
      • Web2.0 to the rescue

        Rethinking our Schools using Web2.0 Tools

  4. Web2.0 Tools --- Quick Overview (link)
    • Quick scroll through eLearning Posts
    • Post 14: Del.icio.us - social bookmarking in 3 minutes)
    • Post 17: OSLIS - (MLA cite referencing)
    • Post 12: Jott (cell phone Posting to Blog)
    • Gmail (Tutorial) opens the doors. Let's Get Started! ACTIVITY (Task 1) Create a school-based gMail account. Example: sms-mrjones@gmail.com Email your partner -> reply -> attach file -> reply

  5. Blogging Demonstrations
  6. Google Docs --- Word, Sheets, Presentations