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Willamette University (M.A.T. wksp)

Drew Hinds and Chris Brantley (MAT instructors) invited me to do a mini-workshop which I titled "Blogging and other Web2.0 tools in Education." Too much to discuss in too little time, but I got the vision out there and the MAT group is already running with it.

Sara (one of the MAT students) assisted in creating a
MAT group Blog to post their Community Service experiences (rather than the original plan of passing around emails).

They also created a
second Blog to open up discussions and support from within their group. Very impressive! MAT Web2.0 Agenda of my presentation follows:
  1. Welcome (and cell phone <-> blog demo)

  2. Web2.0 discussion and demonstrations
    • Share some current world statistics -> Relate to Todays Kids -> Web2.0

  3. Web2.0 Tools (bj-workshops.blogspot.com)
    • Google Docs (word, sheets, presentation) and share/publish/post
      • CatzWalk, Clothing, Delicious, E-LearningPresentation
    • Del.icio.us (social bookmarking) and OSLIS (cite referencing)
    • Voice-Thread and avBlogger Audio Recorder

  4. Blogging Demonstrations
    • Teacher Demo's:
      • Blogology (post #2) and Dale, Doug, Kristin; bj-workshops (post #16)
    • Building a Blog (post #21)
      • Create, Post, Modify