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Workshops (prior to 2007)

Workshops and Inservices. This page contains the Archived notes and activities from numerous workshops and inservices I presented from 2000-2006. The topics generally focus around instructional design related to online/distance education. However, they are very applicable to the classroom teacher who wishes to use their local network/server or schools web page as a platform for instruction.
Due to updated browsers, and limited flexibilities of the past, some of the following links on this Archived page may not function properly. In most cases I tried to post a .PDF as an alternative. It's not worth the time to rebuild the old workshop files, but you can contact me if you'd like to see the full presentation and I'll rebuild it upon request.

One of the major challenges of delivering instruction via the internet is to effectively deal with students varied learning styles, and to provide accessibility to all clients. I've attempted to address these issues with practical solutions, so, enjoy, and feel free to use any of the materials within.

OSU Yackpack Workshop

Introduction and Demonstration of YackPack: (PDF: 520k | PPT: 650k)

YackPack is a powerful but simple web-based application that allows people to send & receive audio messages. It also has a 'live audio' feature where a group of people (worldwide) can converse synchronously (at the same time). YackPack is an awesome tool for distance education; poetry, literature and storytelling; grading and narrative feedback for teachers, virtual office hours, and foreign language learning.

Lincoln County School District E-Learning Presentation (Nov, 2006)

Techniques and Tools for Enhancing Communication and Building Community in an Online Environment (PDF | HTML)

NCTM 2006 Presentation (St. Louis)

ClassPad 101: (PDF: 900k | PPT: 900k | HTML: 1 MB)

Using ClassPad Manager (virtual graphics calculator) --- 1 semester internet based course.

MSI (Math Scene Investigation): uses ClassPad Mgr for 5th grade math talented and gifted.

NCCE 2006 Conference (Portland, Or)

Multimedia Toolbox for Online Learning: (PDF: 670k | PPT )

Recording & Creating MP3 files. How to write HTML coding to link to MP3 files.

Course Design (for Online Learning): (PDF | PPT )

What do you need to know to design an online course? We'll discuss course design and development issues.

MSI (Math Scene Investigation)

Enrichment course for 5th grade TAG (Talented and Gifted) students in mathematics. We've been working on this innovative course since November 2005, and it's taking off like wild fire. Business partners include Casio and YackPack. Username: guest Password: guest

Stephens Middle School
(Technology/WirelessLab Workshop) (HTM | PDF | PPT)

Great way to start the school year. Full staff workshop discussion schoolwide technology vision, ISTE standards, and Lesson Plan design for Lab Usage.

Web page design samples for online course templates

Building an online course or lesson? Here are a variety of examples of navigation systems, compliant CSS and XHTML1 coding, lesson plan designs, and a variety of design tools for placing content online for varied learning styles.

NTLB (No Teacher Left Behind) --- Teacher Summer Institute, Summer 2005

1. Building web pages so Nobody is left behind; (PDF | PPT)
2. MS Office, Acrobat Reader, and Web Design --- Nobody needs to be left behind.  [PDF (480k) | PPT (260k)]

NETC Online Teachers@Work Symposium (PDF)

Seattle, Dec. 1-3, 2004: Experienced online teachers sharing 'best practices'.

WESD Inservice

Oct 8, 2004. Using Online Lessons and Resources for the classroom teacher. (HTML)

OLI 2004 --- Online Learning Institute

Four presentations for the Online Leaders Workshop (for Oregon)

1.  Instructional-Design (PDF | HTML)     |   2. Accessibility-Validity (PDF | HTML)

3.P3-Audio-recording (PDF | HTML)        |   4. Word-Excel-HTML-PDF-conversions (PDF | HTML)

NCCE 2004 

Creating and Teaching an Online Course (PDF | HTML | PPT

Teaching Powerpoint Strategies in the Classroom (RTF | HTML)

Oregon Online Leaders Workshop (2003)

Instructional Design for Optimal Learning (building lessons for teaching in an online environment) (HTML)
Download full wksp (zip)
MP3 Audio Recorder Tutorial (HTML | RTF)
ReadPlease Web Text-to-Speech Tutorial ((HTML | RTF)

NCCE 2003 Wksp "Teaching in an Online Environment" (HTML)

Tegrity online video lessons 

Streaming video presentations I produced for SK Online (HTML)

10 PC Resolutions (2003)

The top 10 things you should do to your PC in (you'll be surprised with what still applies) (HTML)

The First days of School

Ingredients to successful teaching (for all educators) (PDF)

The 21st Century Teacher

Vision statements --- roles and goals of tomorrows teachers (PDF)

DreamWeaver Wksp

DreamWeaver Tutorial Activity (PDF)

TIPS Project

Statewide project to establish technological literacy standards for high school graduation (HTM)

Roger Shank (2002)

Key note speech (notes). He's right on target! T&L, 2002 (PDF)

Intel Teach to the Future (2002)

40 hr workshop sponsored by Intel and Microsoft to assist teachers integrate technology into the curriculum (HTML)