4 Reasons to switch from POP to IMAP for email

By default, most email software uses POP3 settings. In simple English, this means that when one checks their email it is downloaded to a  personal computer and removed from the server. If one has more than one computer, or wants to check mail via the Web or phone, the messages may be gone, or at the very least not flagged as Read, Replied, etc.

However, setting up an email account(s) using IMAP resolves these issues. One can check/send mail from any computer and everything is synchronized. This includes iPhones, Blackberries, Mac, PC, Linux and any other type of device one wishes to use to check email.

Other advantages include:
  • An automatic backup is provided. Not only are messages copyied/synchronized on ones local computer, but also reside permanently on the server.
  • As one creates or desires to use multiple email accounts, if they are all IMAP based then the management becomes very easy.
    • For example, one can switch from Outlook Express to Outlook, or Eudora, or Thunderbird, or Apple Mail --- it just doesn't matter. With IMAP settings it's a snap to switch or transfer between email clients.
  • If your computer crashes --- no worry. One can still get to all their email via the web. And when the computer is repaired (or purchased new), then simply configure your email client (Outlook Express, Apple Mail, etc) and in a matter of minutes one is back up and running.
Here is an article that provide the full details of the advantages of IMAP over POP.