docX to doc fix

Why can't I open that new Word doc (or Excel or Powerpoint)?

Scenario: Someone sends you a Word doc and your computer responds with "
can't open this file." The error message may read something like this:
  • File type: Word 2007 Document
  • File extension: .docx
  • Description: This document was saved using Microsofts new Open XML format.
The solution is quite simple.

1. The problem is actually NOT on our end, but rather the sender.
2. The problem came from whoever created, saved and sent the document, and therefore is up to them to fix.
3. Users who have the very latest PC version of Microsoft Office got thrown a curve. Microsoft changed the 'extension' without notifying the new users how to fix the problm, and nobody else in the world can read the file(s). Same is true for Excel and Powerpoint in the new version. 
4. Simply reply to the sender and have them apply the following 30 second solution below:

5. Repeat the above steps for Excel and Powerpoint :)