Google Docs Rocks

Google Docs is one of the most impressive Web2.0 tools I've seen yet.  These were my initial observations when I first had an opportunity to use Google Docs back in 2006:

  • I just spent the last 30 minutes synchronously co-editing with the author of a new online PE/Health course. The author/creator posted the Syllabus as a Document in Google Docs and sent me an invite to co-edit.
  • We're literally watching each other type as words appear on the screen.
  • We used the built-in spell checker as needed; saving is automatic; and the Comments and Chat feature add to enhanced communication and collaboration.The document evolved in to a wonderful end product.
  • A history / revision button let's us look back at previous versions all the way to its conception.
  • Imagine trying to send email attachments back and forth (dozens of unique copies and this would have taken forever).
  • And here is a Circuit Training Journal Spreadsheet recording sheet that was created in Google Docs.Just Share, and it's available for everyone to view
  • And don't forget about their Presentation tool, a web-based version of Powerpoint. Create from new, or upload existing PPT's.
  • And when one is done, simply hit File -> Download As -> to create a .PDF or .DOC or .JPG to offer students other view options.
  • One click to Post this doc to a Blog.
Google Docs demo:  You'll be impressed with the video these students recorded on Google Docs.

Student Video on Google Docs