MLA Cite Referencing

Students and teachers often use information off the Internet to produce a report, presentation, lesson plan, web page, etc. Examples typically include images and text. Giving credit to the authors is always recommended, and an industry standard for the correct format is called MLA.

Using an online tool called MLA Citation Maker is as easy as: 
1) click on the appropriate category, 
2) fill in some basic information, and 
3) let the online software do the rest.

This great tool will generate the correct format and all one has to do is copy/paste it their document.  
    (e.g.: The image above is taken from their site and should be cited as:  OLSIS, ."MLS Citation Maker." OSLIS.1 Jan. 2006. 15 Oct. 2007 .)

PS: Comment #1 from MrMoses also offers a terrific alternative.  If you're a Firefox user check out this video on Zotero then apply the Firefox Zotero addon.  Zotero makes it easy to collect, manage and cite your research.  And it's fully web-based.  As MrMoses states, 'Talk about bridging the gap between 20th and 21st Century modes of education!'