Shift Happens, so Pay Attention

Who are our kids?

The following video clip was created for the faculty at a small high school back in 2007.

It was recorded, uploaded to YouTube, and the rest is history.
Shift Happens, so Pay Attention.

By 2010, the Growth of Social Media has exploded exponentially. Several excerpts include:
  • Amazon sold more electronic books for the Kindle than physical books for Christmas, 2009.
  • If you were paid $1 for each posted Wikipedia article, you'd make $1,700 (per hour).

N.L. Quote on above videos

"Crowd-sourcing is perhaps an example of the democratizing of media and knowledge, without an adequate moral framework about the consequences of democratic participation."


Take some time to check out the above videos and collect your thoughts on "how might the 
information in these videos impact the appropriate use of emerging technologies in instruction?"