Squishing PPT file size

Is your powerpoint file (.ppt) too large?

Scenario: You've just finished a great Powerpoint presentation and want to email it to a friend or upload to your web-site or blog. However, the filesize is just too large. You may even get upload error messages.

Solution: Take 30 seconds and follow the instructions. below. The result may be a 90% file size reduction.

 Prior to solving the problem, here are a few essential tips for creating Powerpoint presentations:
1. Select Tools -> Options -> Save, and UNselect the 'Allow fast saves'. 
Otherwise the filesize will grow every time you hit the Save button (regardless of whether you add information).

2. Never drag images onto a slide. Rather, save all images as .jpg, .gif, or .png in a separate folder, then in Powerpoint select: Insert -> Picture -> from File (and select the image).

3. When creating a new Presentation, and selecting a Template, immediately Save the new presentation and check the file size. Some templates are over 1MB by themselves. Ridiculous, but true.

Five Easy Steps to shrink the .ppt file size (plus an illustration):
1. Right-click on any image on any slide
2. Select 'Format Picture)
3. Select 'Compress'
4. Select 'All pictures in document' and 'Web/Screen'
5. Hit OK.