Tips for Ed Tech Planning (Oregon)

All school districts in Oregon are now in the process of (or just completed) submitting their 2009-2012 Educational Technology Plan.

Unfortunately it is somewhat confusing.  Questions arise as to its relationship to a Districts CIP (Continuous Improvement Plan), the new Oregon Diploma (2012 Essential Skills), and the new Oregon Educational Technology Standards. All these documents contain a technology component.

More often than not, different groups of people are responsible for designing and implementing these plans, and often they may not be aware of the common thread that ties them all together.

Following is a brief overview that should provide clarification:
1. The Ed Tech Plan should support the CIP (a districts Continuous Improvement Plan).
- In the CIP, Oregon Performance Standard #8 states "All students will have access to and develop proficiency in utilizing technology to improve their academic achievement."
2. The Ed Tech Plan should include strategies that address the new OETS (Oregon Education Technology Standards)
- These are very closely aligned to the NETS*S (National Education Technology Standards for Students)
3- The Ed Tech Plan should include strategies that address the new Oregon Diploma.
- Often referred to as the 2012 Essential Skills, item #6 states "Use Technology ot learn, live and work."
- A copy of the new Oregon Diploma is on the last several pages of this OETS document.
4- The Ed Tech Plan should include strategies that "... ensure that technology tools and resources are used continuously and seamlessly for instruction, collaboration and assessment."
- Instruction
Examples such as Virtual Learning, Streaming Video, Up/Download, etc.)
- Collaboration
Examples such as Google Docs, Blogging, Google Sites, Scribblar, Skype, Social Networking, etc.)
- Assessment
Examples such as OAKS, ELPA, NAEP-estEd, Summative, Formative, etc.)
5- The Ed Tech Plan should seamlessly integrate with the eRate criteria sheet.
- A tech planning worksheet is available to help guide the above process.
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