Web2.0 meets Rigor and Relevance

Following the video "Shift Happens and Pay Attention" I asked the kids:

  • What is Web 2.0 and sent them to do a Google search for 3 minutes.
  • I then requested rapid fire, key-word definitions and wrote them on the board, including Blogs, YouTube, Google Docs, Wikis, social networking, and more.

  • I then asked for a raise of hands who used some of these tools and 100% of the kids hands went up. Of course social networking was the most popular tool (gaming, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, etc.).
    Other Web2.0 tools they mentioned included:

  • However, I suspect very few educators have actually experienced or are using many of these tools. Here is my response: schools want more rigor out of kids, which means they must first achieve more relevance.

  • Todays kids are social, social, social --- and that is one of the key components of Web 2.0.

  • So, educators, become the guide on the side that models and encourages kids to use these tools for the lessons and activities you plan in your classroom.

  • I guarantee kids will become much more engaged with your curriculum, and rigor is simply a bi-product.