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2016 --- recent resources
10-minute train (excellent)
Excel Tutorial for Beginners (formulas)
Excel: Sci. Lab data to Chart (graph)

  Lesson Plans for MS/HS Tech Literacy
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PorTuSalud . (English/Spanish) HEALTH

Outdated Below --- but still some terrific gems/resources.
My Subscriptions (Blogs and more):

Emerging Education Technology (EmergingEdTech.com)
(engaging students & enhancing learning outcomes with Internet and Instructional Technologies)

DangerouslyIrrelevant.org (Technology, Leadership, and the Future of Schools)

(sign up, free, invaluable resource)
(a must resource)
TED video presentations. INCREDIBLE resource.
(ideas worth spreading)
(transforming education through technology)

Education Week    |    DIGITAL: How Technology is Changing Education

Favorite Educational Articles
Race to Nowhere
Favorite Miscellaneous Articles

Great Videos:
iPad Apps for teachers and students
Social Networking. Educators I Follow?

On Twitter?

George Couros (The Principal of Change)
Seth's Blog  (Seth Godin)
Larry Ferlazzo (Blog: a rich set of resources)

Google App Tutorials

Favorite Speeches:

Favorite Education Resources
    Steven & Conrad Wolfram:
Social Networking in Education

Assessments: Build Your Own Rubric (tons of templates)

Digital Resources
Blooms Taxonomy
Lesson Plan (template base)

Tech Literacy & Leadership