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CutePDF Writer

CutePDF Writer is the fastest, easiest and most reliable tool for converting any document to a secure PDF file. And it's free.

For example, you've just finished your resume and want to send it as a secure PDF file rather than a Word document.

To create a PDF file, simply:
  • Open the document (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • File -> Print -> Select CutePDF Writer (instead of your normal printer)
  • Filename: whatever.PDF
That's it. Three easy steps.

If you're interested, then follow along:
  • Go to the CutePDF Writer web site.

  • Right click and download (save) both of the following files.
    • Run/Install the Free Converter first. It only takes a few moments.
    • Run/Install the CutePDF Write download. It only takes a few moments.

  • That's it. Test it out:
    • Open any Word or Excel or any type of document that you would like to convert to a PDF file.
    • Select File -> Print -> Select the CutePDF Writer
    • Hit OK
    • Give your file a NAME and FILE LOCATION and you're off and running.