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Screen Capture Tools

Following are two great software tools (free) that allow one to capture any region of a computer screen.

With the flick of a button and mouse-drag over the desired region, the resulting screen capture can be saved as a jpg, gif or bmp image file on your local computer for later usage.

My favorite Windows and Mac versions are below.

Screenhunter for Windows

As the specs state, quickly capture any part of your desktop and save the image as a .bmp, .jpg, or .gif

Simple to download and install; simple to use; and very high user ratings.

Download it here.

MAC computing devices.
  • Simple hit <Command><Shift>4 and drag your mouse over the desired area to capture. Done.

SnagIt for Mac (Beta).

  • Flexible options that let you capture only what you want.
  • Annotation varieties like arrows, speech bubbles, and more make it easy to customize your capture.
  • Versatility in what you do with your capture. Send it to your favorite app, share it online, or save it for later.

  • Download it here.