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Looking for easy to use, free on-line storage for docs, video and photos?

Look no further. This tool is fully web-based. Simply browse and upload any type of file (up to 100mb in size) and up to 5 gig of total storage. Make the files Private or Public, and link or embed into blogs and web pages.

Ideal for students or instructors to upload all their projects or lesson plans (images, videos, presentations, and resource documents.)

My friend Dale, a musician, uses 4Shared to upload his uncompressed large audio files for his peers to download, add tracks, and provide feedback.

Typical video or photo or .PDF files that reside on your camera or computer can be quite large. And sharing them with your friends can be somewhat difficult. For example, one would never want to attach files of this size to an email. 

As a member of the 4Shared service one can easily:
  • Share your 4Shared folder with friends (allowing them to View, download or upload files), or
  • Provide a link to selected file(s) so others can download or view the file(s), or 
To get started I'd suggest to simply walk through the 4Shared Quick Tour. An overview of the steps include:
  • Sign up for a free account (become a registered member)
  • Immediately begin uploading files, OR create new folders to organize your uploads.
    • Simply browse -> upload as many files as you wish (100mb file size limit)
  • Share your files with others. Based on the permissions you allow, friends may:
    • download your files
    • view only as "Public" files
    • view Folders you wish to share
    • friends may Upload files to a folder (if you give them permission)
    • Create a digital Photo Album
    • Allow friends to post Comments