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Web2.0 Observations and Examples

Some introductory observations:
  • Create / edit / share -- it's social
  • Word processing, spread sheets, presentations
  • Blogging and Web Design
  • Audio, video, images
  • Perpetual beta (so get used to it)
  • Gets better and better as time goes on and more people use it
  • Applications are constantly updated -- no downloads or updates to run
  • It's not proprietary (like Microsoft), so views perfect on every platform (Mac, PC, Linux)
  • Industry standard Backbone (for programmers): xHTML, CSS, W3C, XML, flash, AJAX
Web2.0 Categories

Web2.0 applications can be broken into a variety of categories.  Some examples are:

  • Blogger (Google)
  • Wordpress
  • Google Sites
Google Docs
  • Docs, Sheets, Presentation
  • Share (co-edit, view)
  • Folders. Upload MS files
  • Publish
  • Revision and Tracking
Social Bookmarking
  • Delicious tagging
RSS (Reader)
  • Reader (Google), Bloglines
  • Doodle, SurveyMonkey
  • Google Forms

  • Picasa (Google), Flickr
  • Scribblar, Skrbl (whiteboard)
  • Tokbox, Yodio
  • YouTube, Google Video
  • Ustream, VoiceThread
  • Skype, Tokbox, Yodio
Tech Support & Tools
  • CatchVideo
  • TeamViewer
  • DropBox (my favorite)
Wiki - WikiSpaces; CMS

Social Networking
  • FaceBook, Twitter