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Backing up your Google Docs

This less will show you how to backup your Google Docs from the Google servers to your local computer.  

Why do this?  Just in case.  As convenient as "cloud computing" is, there's always the possibility that the server could be down right when you need it.  This process can reduce the risk of this happening.

It appears to take 3 steps to do this, but once it's setup it seems to work well.


: Download the AddOn called DownLoadThemAll  
This places an option in the Firefox Dropdown Menu to download any website. You may be asked to reboot Firefox for this to appear.

Now, to apply this to Google Docs, proceed to:

STEP 2: A script produced by GreaseMonkey must be downloaded and installed. You may be asked to reboot Firefox for this to take effect.

STEP 3: Download and install the Google Docs Download script that works in conjunction with DownLoadThemAll. You will be asked to reboot Firefox.

Voila. Open Google Docs and view the new option on the right side of the Google Docs Toolbar.

Simply select (check) the Google Doc files you wish to Download to your computer. Click Download your Documents, and select the filetype (Word, PDF, etc.)