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Blogging in Plain English

Following my demonstration to a small group of students and administrators at Sprague HS, the Adkins brothers (both master teachers) went to work.
  • The building principal approached both of them to begin implementing a plan to expose Web2.0 tools to the staff. The three of us met for several hours to refine a plan of attack --- which was little more than to take some of the ideas they began shortly after the presentation.
  • Dale developed a Blog to post his Lesson Plans and important links for his Science classes. Parents and IEP folks are always requesting this information!
  • Meanwhile, Doug developed a Blog to post the Lesson Plans for a Teacher Workshop on 'Blog Design' whereby each department would spend one hour in the lab and leave with their own Lesson Plan Blog.
  • Doug also started a 2nd Blog to share ideas with staff and students. And most exciting, he now has all his students create their own blog for his course (and they are all posted in a table of contents).
  • And Ms. Thompson posted Spanish 1 Lesson Plan Blog that also includes Audio recordings.
  • What I appreciated most about this process is all of this occurred within 1 week after the initial presentation to a small group of students and several administrators who were in attendance.
  • Shift Happens (and very quickly) when you work with the right people. Find an administrator who will support change, and find your 'lead teachers' who have vision and the respect of the faculty. That is a winning combination.