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Doodle --- there's no faster or easier way to schedule a meeting or event. Simply enter your available dates and times. Invite others to confirm their availability. Color coded instant updates make it clear when everyone can meet.

This software is also a great tool for polling. Create a poll, invite others to respond, and view instant results.

Setup a process for scheduling your next meeting in only a few steps.
To setup a process for scheduing your next meeting, visit Doodle.com and follow these steps:

1. On the home page, select Schedule event.

2. Fill in the Title, Description, and your name. eMail is optional.

3. Click on the your available date(s).

4. Enter the times.
    For example: morning, 8 (8am), 13:30 or (3:30pm)

Your schedule invite is now complete. Hit the Finish button.

5. If you have provided an e-mail address in the first step, you will receive two e-mails with one link each.
  • Forward one to the people who are supposed to participate in your meeting.
  • Do not forward the other link (the so-called admin link), but use it to edit, export, or delete your form if necessary.

6. Example of invitees responses. Now schedule the meeting (green column).