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Tech Support and Training from a Distance


I live in a world of tech support where being onsite is often not possible. Sometimes I need to take control of a machine to diagnose an error,  configure software, transfer files, provide training or demonstrate a process. 

Teamviewer is my favorite product for remotely accessing any computer from anywhere. It is free, secure, firewall-friendly, and takes only a few minutes for even a novice to implement.

Clients can observe or interact as you remotely drive their computer.

Note: I want to emphasize that this tool is not designed to remotely manage your home or work computer while you are away. LogMeIn is a great tool for that type of application.


TeamViewer ( tool to remotely connect PC to PC, Mac to Mac, or PC to Mac).     

Tech Support
(person providing support)  |  Customer/Client (person receiving support)
  • Note: As no part of this software tool resides permanently on your computer, you may choose either to Run or Install. Run leaves a nice one-click icon on your Desktop for future use.
  • Note: You may ignore all warning messages that may be triggered by XP or Vista.
Two choices: All-in-one-Full-Version or Quick Support  (both for either Mac or PC)

  • 1) To Run/Install the full version : 
  • 2) To Run the Quick Support :
      • You will see a random, unique ID# and Password.
      • Provide this information to the Supporter.
    • 3) Tech Support person:
      • Ask the client for their random, unique ID#  (see pic to right)
        • Example: 164 341 023   and  PW:  9562

      • Press 'Connect to Partner' and enter their Password.

    Voila --- you are now connected and support is a keystroke or mouse away.

      • Transferring files is also a few clicks away (either direction).