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If this sounds interesting, then you may wish to view their Demo of a spreadsheet tutorial.
Screenr is a free, simple-to-use online screen recorder.
It's also referred to as a screencast or podcast.

This example says it all:
  • Open your Presentation or anything on your screen that you wish to record.
    • Examples: Powerpoint, Google Presentation, demo of inserting tables in Word, how to build a chart in Excel, any Youtube video, etc.
  • Press Start Your Screencast Now
  • Drag the boundaries over the region you wish to capture.
  • Press the red record button and begin your screen recording. Talk, move cursor, link to other sites, anything you wish.
    • Screenr records everything.
  • Press Stop Recording when you're done.
  • Preview your Recording.
    • The video contains your entire presentation!

  • You may send your clip to Twitter or Facebook, or
  • Upload to Youtube, or
  • Download to your PC/Mac, or
  • Link / Embed into Blogs, Web sites, send in eMails, etc.
Imagine the possibilities
  • Presentations, Lectures, Speeches, creating Tutorials