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If this sounds interesting, then you may wish to view their Demo or look at their FAQ's (Freq. Asked Questions).
ScreenToaster is a free, simple-to-use online screen recorder.

It has a few more tools/options than Screenr.
This example says it all:
  • Open your Presentation or anything you wish to record
    • Examples: Powerpoint, Google Presentation, demo of inserting tables in Word, how to build a chart in Excel, etc.
  • Press Start Recording in ScreenToaster
  • Step through your presentation, go to outside links, or anything you wish.
  • Press Stop Recording when you're done.
  • Preview your Recording.
    • The video contains your entire presentation!

  • Option #1 is to Download to your local computer.
    • It's an .avi or .swf (flash) or .mov file format (compatible on PC's & Macs)
    • If you wish to have a copy of the video on your local computer, you must select this option first. 

  • Option #2 is to Save the Recording on their website.
    • It creates a URL (address) and also the embedding coding to link to a web page or blog, and is very high resolution

  • Option #3 is to Upload to YouTube.
    • YouTube is owned by Google, so embedding this into your Blog or Webpage is a snap.

Imagine the possibilities
  • Presentations, Lectures, Speeches (it accepts a web-cam), creating Tutorials

Detailed Instructions:

When ScreenToaster is ready to Record, one has several options to choose from. Your decisions are based on the hardware you have installed and the purpose or type of video you wish to create. Options include:

  • Do you wish to record the Full Desktop or just a Rectangular Area?
    • I usually choose the latter and drag just the region I wish to record.
    • The smaller the area, the smaller the overall video filesize.

  • Do you have a microphone (for recording)?
    • Nice for recording your voice during your presentation.

  • Do you have a Web Cam (Video Camera) attached to your computer?
    • Great for personal interviews and hands-on demonstrations.