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Scribblar --- interactive white-board with tons of bells and whistles.

There's nothing faster, nothing easier for effective online collaboration. Great for online training, tutoring and creative brainstorming.

This is real-time multi-user with live audio, text chat, image uploading and sharing, and tons of tools (pencil drawings, shapes, highlighting, and more.)

  • So simple, so powerful. Here's a nice tutorial on the various features.
  • I observed a student teacher who prepped a few Scribblar pages, then invited his kids to participate. He simply sent them an email and a few clicks later they were in and participating.
  • Consider the following example: uploaded image; tools to add lines, shapes and angles; live audio and chat.
    You may wish to view this short 3-minute video describing the Scribblar diagram below.
  • Try it out.