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Get rid of those nasty long URL's, forever.

TinyURL to the rescue.

There's nothing worse than copy/pasting long URL's into emails, web pages or blogs, then have them not work (often because they do not get formatted correctly).

Here is a tutorial created by Brianna (using Screenr). She did a wonderful job, including how this tool can be used in the classroom.

Follow these simple steps:
  • Select and Copy the long, nasty URL
  • Open tinyurl.com
  • Paste the nasty URL into the white text box
  • Click the Make TinyURL button
  • Select and Copy the new tiny url
  • Paste it into your email, blog, or website.

For you advanced techies --- one can add TinyURL to your browsers ToolBar. Just drag and drop the long url on top of the TinyUrl tab and it's tiny in a fraction of a second. Very cool.