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Voice Thread

VoiceThread is a simple but powerful Web2.0 tool. 

One can upload images and create an audio narrative to go along with each image.  Audio comments can be left by visitors, and the narrated slide show can be emailed or embedded in Blogs and websites.

Consider the image below. Suppose you have an image(s) that you'd like to talk about (the story behind the picture).
I used VoiceThread to take the images, narrate over the top, and post a nice 3-minute video that is much more effective than just an image.

Imagine posting several photographs of a World War II veteran in action, then having this person annotate while viewing the photos. Or imagine a student posting photographs or scanning images of a project then speaking about each picture. 

VoiceThread is as simple as uploading pics, documents, or presentations and simply annotating over the top.
After recording one can share and publish the results.  Just copy the URL or the Embedded Coding into an Email, Blog, or Webpage.