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Private, Safe, Secure way to communicate on the Internet.
Great for families, teachers-students, or business.
Set a meeting time and talk Live, or Record a message and send.

Take time to view the following testimonial by the Yackpack tech team. I was fortunate to learn about this tool early in their develoment and they invited me to assist them in exposing this tool to distance education. We're currently using it for our 5th grade math talented and gifted kids who are spread around the district. With Yackpack we are able to communicate and meet on a regular basis. It's awesome, and the kids love it.
  • Another great feature of YackPack is a live voice tool they call Walkie Talkie Widget.
  • Schedule a time to have everybody meet at your Blog (or website) and hold a Live-conference or work session?
  • Simply press the 'Live' Button to Talk. Everybody else listens. (the image in this Post is just a picture. Use full LiveVoice button at top of Blog)
  • Take turns, or talk all at once. It's Live, it's easy, and it's a great tool for collaboration.
To talk LIVE it is as simple as: 1) Speakers turned on to Listen; 2) Microphone turned on to talk,  3) Press the LIVE! button and begin talking. Voice over IP technology is wonderful.